Find all important information described in detail also in this PDF file.

Technical procedure and general instructions

Here we would like to give you a clear overview of the technical details that need to be taken into account this year:

This year the conference will be held using the online platform Gather. This way, we hope for an immersive and communicative gathering of all participants, despite the virtual character. For a quick overview please visit the product page of the operators.

During the three days of the conference, September 22-24, 2021, you can join the CAMS 2021 space to participate in the conference, move around freely, watch talks, chat with colleagues, visit sponsor booths, ask questions, etc. This is possible using the web application in the browser as well as the desktop app, which is available here.

You can try out the basics in advance in the official test space if you want.

A few days before the start of the conference, all registered participants will receive an invitation link through which they can join the CAMS 2021 gather space. If this is not the case, we explicitly ask you to contact us early at

Live Presentation

Each accepted paper must be presented live during the virtual conference by at least one (co-)author of the paper. Each presentation will be given a time slot of 20 minutes, consisting of 15 minutes of live presentation and 5 minutes of live Q&A with the audience. Please prepare a presentation accordingly. The presentation can be prepared with a tool of your choice, as live presentations are held using screen sharing.

Publication of a paper will be denied should none of the authors of the corresponding accepted paper deliver a live streaming presentation of their work during the conference days (No-Show Policy). Any technical problems occurring at short notice are not affected by this (see Pre-Recorded Presentation).

Since we want to make the presentations available to all participants after the event is over, please upload the slides in PDF format in advance here by September 12 at the latest (the password will be sent separately by mail).

Pre-Recorded Presentation

As an emergency solution in case technical problems arise at short notice, each presentation has to be submitted as a pre-recorded video. This video will be played instead of the live presentation if necessary. Recording and editing can be done with a tool of your choice. An easy way to do this is with Zoom, as explained here in a short tutorial. Please make sure that you can be seen permanently (picture in picture) or at least as a greeting and goodbye. The video should be as exact as possible 15 minutes long.

Please Upload the video in MP4 format in advance here by September 12 at the latest (the password will be sent separately by mail).