Registration is mandatory for uploading final papers. The authors or at least one of the authors of each accepted paper must register for CAMS2021.

Please note that the registration accepts only credit card payments. All the payments will be made in USD. If you encounter any difficulties in using the registration site, please contact:

The regular registration includes the submission of up to three (3) final papers.
The student registration allows the submission of one (1) final paper.
For each registration, up to two additional papers can be submitted. An additional fee of $100 will be charged for each additional paper.
The maximum length of each paper is 8 pages. For each additional page (up to two extra pages) a fee of $30 is charged.

IMPORTANT: If you are registering as a student, it is mandatory to send an official proof (e.g. scan or photo of the student ID) to our mail address ( If this is not done, your registration will not be valid and the final paper submission will be rejected and access to the virtual conference will not be allowed.

Please note that registrations can't be canceled!

Every Registration Package includes

  • Students can upload one paper, while fully registered participants can upload 3 papers at no additional fee
  • Access to all presentations and sessions of the conference, including five plenary sessions
  • Access to electronic proceedings
  • Access to pre-recorded videos of all Paper Presentations during the Conference days.
  • Virtual social events
  • Chance to win an award
  • Access to our space where all live events (welcome, keynotes, paper presentations, social events, industrial sponsoring, ...) take place.

Final Paper Submission

Pdf Compliance and On-Line Pdf Test

All final paper submissions submitted to the conference through PaperCept need to be prepared as compliant pdf files.

Follow this link for MS Word templates and LaTeX style files, and for information about the correct settings to convert your MS Word or LaTeX file to compliant pdf:

Use the online pdf test to validate your pdf file before trying to upload it:

Author Preparation

Live Presentation

More details on when and how to submit the slides in advance will follow soon. Each accepted paper must be presented live during the virtual conference by at least one (co-)author of the paper. Each presentation will be given a time slot of 15 minutes. Please prepare a presentation in PDF format accordingly. 

Publication of a paper will be denied should none of the authors of the corresponding accepted paper delivers a live streaming presentation of their work during the conference days (No-Show Policy). Any technical problems occurring at short notice are not affected by this (see "Pre-Recorded Presentation").

Pre-Recorded Presentation

As an emergency solution in case technical problems arise at short notice, each presentation has to be submitted as a pre-recorded video. This video will be played instead of the live presentation if necessary. More detailed information about the file format and the deadline will follow soon.

Registration Rates

  Regular Student
Early Registration
(before July 15, 2021)
$ 100 FREE
Regular Registration
(before Aug 15, 2021)
$ 120 FREE
Late Registration
(before Sep 15, 2021)
$ 240 FREE