We are pleased to announce that there will be three awards for IFAC CAMS 2021, which will be presented during the closing ceremony. These will be judged on the basis of originality, scientific/technical contributions, and clarity in both the written paper and oral presentations as indicated below.


The Best Paper Award is given for a paper that makes outstanding contributions to CAMS 2021.  A shortlist will be created from the reviews of the papers received, from which a selection committee will choose the winner.


The winner of the Young Author Award will be selected by an award committee from a shortlist created during the review process. A candidate for this award must be the first and presenting author of the paper at the CAMS 2021. The age of 30 years at the time of the event must not be exceeded in order to deal with gender and cultural differences and to allow for fair competition.

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The Exceptional Award will be presented for the first time at CAMS this year. It honors an internationally renowned emerging female scientist who has made significant contributions to her respective field and to the scientific community at large. The aim of the award is to promote emerging women in science and through them - alongside already established female scientists - to create a strong role model that will motivate and encourage the next generation of young female scientists.