The 13th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems, Robotics, and Vehicles is aimed at leading scientists, researchers, students, and industry representatives on relevant research topics directly or indirectly related to the broad field of maritime autonomy.

Topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Marine Autonomics - By combining social sciences, humanities and human sciences with natural and engineering sciences, the new lead discipline called "Autonomics" is going to be established in the near future.
  • Intelligent and autonomous marine systems
  • Surface vehicles and floating platforms
  • Underwater vehicles and manipulators
  • Dynamic modeling, simulation and HIL testing
  • Control system design and applications
  • Vehicle guidance and navigation
  • Trajectory planning and optimal control for marine systems
  • Dynamic positioning and position mooring systems for ships and platforms
  • Distributed and cooperative systems
  • Swarm intelligence, learning and control
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligent
  • Multi-modal sensor fusion
  • Perception and cognition
  • Propulsion systems and energy efficiency
  • Emission reduction and decarbonization
  • Fault diagnosis and fault tolerance
  • Adaptive and robust control in marine systems
  • Marine traffic systems and intelligent marine transportation systems
  • Maritime safety and security for ports and ships and risk assessment
  • Risk and life cycle assessment in marine systems
  • Marine cyber-physical systems and maritime security
  • Applications of autonomous and remotely operated (surface and underwater) marine vessels
  • Applications of marine vessels and robotics in environmental monitoring, mapping and surveillance, search and rescuing operations, habitat mapping, marine biology and geology, hydrographic explorations
  • Ocean renewable energy and applications